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History of FORGOTTEN CHILDREN's involvement in Haiti

FORGOTTEN CHILDREN worked for a couple of years in collaboration with local grassroots organizations in Gonaives. We stopped our project when it became too difficult to be monitored for various reasons. We would be happy to resume our work in Haiti and implement our project in collaboration with the Bartoli Foundation, an Haitian NGO. The mother-daughter project helps a girl to go to school and a mother to improve her meager income.

Le plateau Javel (near Miragoane)
The school

It takes three hours to go up in the hills to reach Le Plateau Javel but what a warm welcome we receive from the local farmer community! L’ecole primaire de Javel is in need of help. There are four classes in two rooms. Each room is divided in two classes (without wall). On one side there is a teacher and a board, on the other side of the classroom, there is another teacher and a board. About 60 children are squeezed on benches in each room. There is no electricity or water on the grounds.


The mothers

They were waiting for us. They have walked for hours and put on their best clothes. These women work in the field and go once a week to market to sell their products. It takes them 5 hours one way! Our interest-free loans will allow them to improve their income. Help us to provide loans for them:

  • $20 for a hen

  • $40 for a pig

  • $70 for one year of school for a child


Haiti is a forgotten country and is in need of help. Our effort is small but does reach out directly children and their mothers. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!


Mrs. Francoise Remington, Executive Director
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