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From a classroom to children in need.

Students raising funds

Students from the following schools have raised funds for FORGOTTEN CHILDREN, specifically directed to helping children go to school instead of going to work.

- Lycee La Providence, Nice, France
- Lycee Rochambeau, French School, Bethesda, Maryland
- The Potomac School, McLean, Virginia
- Washington International School, Washington, D.C.

- Erwin Valley School, Pain Post, New York

- Gartconner Primary School, Kirintilloch, UK

- Club de Francais, Crofton Middle School, Crofton, MD

In a complex, global environment, young people sometimes feel powerless about improving the lives of those less fortunate. But children can help lives of those less fortunate. Children can empower children. Students can help students. FORGOTTEN CHILDREN has worked with educators around the world to fundraise and to inspire youth to take action.

From a child to children in need


Without institutional support, young people can also take individual actions. Here are two examples:

  • Two brothers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, raised $184 selling popcorn to pay for the education of an orphan.
  • A young girl from Florida, Raffaella, asked for her 11th birthday party that all gifts be given to FORGOTTEN CHILDREN. Thanks to Raffaella, two orphan sisters could go to school for their high school education

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